Webinar: Focusing on Families in Community-Based Obesity Prevention Programs

Webinar: Focusing on Families in Community-Based Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs

On March 9, 2016, EPODE Canada hosted our second webinar in our Preventing Childhood Obesity Webinar Series: “Focusing on Families in Community-Based Obesity Prevention Programs.” You can watch the webinar below.

EPODE has demonstrated that community-based childhood obesity prevention interventions are often more effective when parents are involved. Drawing upon research and learnings from the field, webinar presenter Lideke Middelbeek (with assistance from Dr. Emilie Ruiter and Dr. Ingrid Bakker) explored the ways in which community-based programs can involve parents and help them to be a positive influence on their children’s health-determining behaviour. The webinar covered topics including: the role that parents can play in changing the social and physical environment in the home, the ways in which local project managers can positively engage parents in community-based obesity prevention interventions, and how recent interventions demonstrate that parental involvement is critical for success in low-income communities.

About the presenters:

Lideke Middelbeek is an Advisor and Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator at JOGG (Young People at a Healthy Weight), an EPODE-inspired program that works to make healthy food and exercise easy and attractive lifestyle options for youth in over 85 communities in the Netherlands. Click here to learn more about JOGG.

Dr. Emilie Ruiter is a physician at the Community Health Service for children 0-12 years old and a researcher at the Academic Collaborative Centre AMPHI, Primary and Community Care, at the Radboud University Medical Centre in the Netherlands.

Dr. Ingrid Bakker is Associate Professor of ‘Healthy Cities’ at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, where her work focuses on the prevention of childhood obesity in the context of the spatial and build environment. She is also a JOGG coach for Dutch local governments.

For more information about the goals and rationale for the webinar, please click the link below:
Focusing on Families Webinar Backgrounder