the canadian flag made from red maple leaves. very clever.

Sticky: Welcome to the EPODE Canada website

EPODE Canada is the regional initiative of the EPODE International Network (EIN). At EPODE (Ensemble Prévenons l’Obésité Des Enfants/Together Let’s Prevent Childhood Obesity) our mission is to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity across Canada and worldwide. Thank you for visiting. Check back often for news, updates and information.

What is the EPODE International Network?

Looking to learn more about the EPODE International Network? Look no further! We have recently made this short but informative video for you to watch, learn and share. We hope you like it. – EPODE Canada

The OECD 2014 Obesity Update

In June the OECD released an update on global obesity.  For Canada, their findings showed that although the rates of obesity have tripled over the last 30 years, they are now increasing at a much slower rate and may even be stabilizing. However, other countries  like Australia and Mexico have seen a…

Logo for Food Cowboy. Cartoon image of a man riding a horse and the logo is "Nothing goes to Waste"

Food Cowboy: Nothing Goes to Waste

Food waste is a growing concern in North America, with a report indicating that nearly 40% of food in the US alone goes uneaten, a difficult reality for areas where many people are food insecure. However, a new organization is taking action against food waste. Food Cowboy, based out of Washington D.C., has…

New McKinsey Report recognizes EPODE for tackling obesity

This month, the McKinsey Global Institute  released their report “Overcoming obesity: An initial economic analysis” and named EPODE as one of the most prominent efforts tackling obesity today.   Read more about it here on pages 55 and 56.   Mc KinseyObesity_Full report_Unabridged_November 2014 A free trial about cialis erectile dysfunction…