ECOF 2016 Speaker Highlight: Dr. Valerie Taylor

Dr. Valerie Taylor, MD, PhD: Expert on mental health & childhood obesity

We are excited to announce the participation of Dr. Valerie Taylor at the 2016 EPODE Canada Obesity Forum.

Dr. Taylor is the Psychiatrist-In-Chief in the Department of Medicine at Women’s College Hospital and a scientist at the Women’s College Research Institute. Dr. Taylor’s academic focus is on obesity, metabolic syndrome, and mental health both in adults and in children.

At the Forum, Dr. Taylor will be leading a workshop on childhood obesity prevention and mental health. Non-stigmatization is a foundational principle of EPODE, and new insights into the relationship between mental health and obesity can help us to build more inclusive and effective obesity prevention interventions.

For more information about the upcoming EPODE Canada Obesity Forum, or to register, click here.