We are very excited to announce that Brad Einarsen will be hosting a workshop at the upcoming EPODE Canada Obesity Forum.

Brad Einarsen is the Social Practice Lead at Klick Health. His start with social media came early in 1988 running online forums back before the World Wide Web was even a gleam in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye. He has been working with healthcare clients on their social strategies and tactics for seven years with Klick Health. In his spare time he writes the Klick Wire, a weekly newsletter on all things at the intersection of health, marketing, and digital.

At the upcoming Forum, Brad will be leading the workshop on social media entitled ‘Social media and digital analytics for building communities’. He will be offering practical advice for organizations interested in using social media to increase their impact in a measurable way.

For more information about the upcoming EPODE Canada Obesity Forum, click here.