WEBINAR: June 9th! “Using Social Marketing to Promote Water and Reduce Sugary Drinks”

A Webinar Presented by EPODE Canada, in Partnership With the Nutrition Resource Centre

On June 9th, EPODE Canada in partnership with the Nutrition Resource Centre hosted their third webinar entitled “Using Social Marketing to Promote Water and Reduce Sugary Drinks”. You can watch the full webinar here and view the slides here: Social marketing to promote water slide deck. 

This webinar provided a step-by-step overview of how to develop and implement a social marketing campaign to positively change health behaviours, including key success factors and how to overcome common barriers to using social marketing as a health promotion strategy. This webinar also discusses how the EPODE International community successfully used social marketing in a community-based setting to promote consumption of water and a local campaign in Ontario to reduce sugar-sweetened beverages.

About the presenters: 

Dennis Edell is Managing Director of EPODE Canada and an internationally recognized social marketing expert.





Julie Charlebois, BASc, MHSc, RD, is a Health Promotion Specialist at Toronto Public Health.